Playing with images

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Image editors and drawing tools (if you don't have PhotoShop)

Respecting intellectual property

Wanna Work Together (Creative Commons)

Flump (download all images from a particular Flickr account)

What are image generators and other graphic tools?

Image Tools: Video from Discovery Education
Image generators are web-based programs that allow users to customize images by adding text and manipulating a basic image or set of tools. The images produced can be copied or embedded into other applications, web publishing or presentations. Avatar makers allow students and teachers to create images to represent themselves as they participate in blogs, wikis, and other 2.0 work. In addition to simple image generation, new web tools allow learners to collaborate in creating concept maps and graphs.

Online Photo Sharing in Plain English

Image generators


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Making Posters

  • Glogster (for interactive online posters)
  • Rasterbator (make posters from multiple sheets of paper)
  • Block Poster (make posters from multiple sheets of paper)
  • BigHugeLabs(options include movie posters and magazine covers)

Avatar Makers

Also see: Concept Mapping and Timelining Tools